Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers

The attorneys at Gruenberg Kelly Della have dedicated their careers and limited their practice to plaintiff Personal Injury Law. This area of the law is designed to hold people and organizations accountable for the harm they have caused to others. By utilizing New York’s Personal Injury Laws, victims who suffer as a result of the negligence of others may sue the people or organizations responsible for their injuries. A personal injury lawsuit generally seeks to recover the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by a victim, which includes, among other things, medical bills, lost earnings, funeral bills, etc. Personal Injury lawsuits also seek to recover compensation for wrongful death, past/future pain and suffering as well as loss of enjoyment of life.

If you become a personal injury victim, we strongly advise you to speak with a Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer at Gruenberg Kelly Della as soon as possible. While New York laws give personal injury victims up to three years to file a lawsuit, most insurance claim forms and documents must be filed within weeks of the accident. Gruenberg Kelly Della  will file all documents and claim forms on your behalf as an additional service provided exclusively to our clients. Gruenberg Kelly Della, PC will never impose an additional fee or charge for filing insurance forms and documents on your behalf.