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$3,600,000 million dollar verdict was returned by a Suffolk County jury for a man who lost vision in one of his eyes.

On July 29, 2005, Plaintiff G.C., 18, a student, was walking on a sidewalk of Portion Road, in the hamlet of Lake Ronkonkoma. He was struck by a urine-filled cup that had been tossed by a passenger of a passing motor vehicle. Plaintiff sustained injuries of an eye and his face. Plaintiff sued the vehicle’s driver, B.S. and the passenger who tossed the cup, R.H. Plaintiff alleged that the defendants’ actions constituted assault.


Plaintiff sustained an abrasion of his left eye’s cornea, and the eye’s fovea centralis, which is the center of the retina, was served. Plaintiff G.C. also sustained lacerations of his face, and he developed a nosebleed. Plaintiff suffers a permanent loss of his left eye’s central vision, which is the detailed portion of vision. He also claimed that he suffers dizziness and chronic headaches, and he claimed that he cannot easily operate computers and other electronic devices.


Plaintiff G.C. sought recovery of damages for past pain and suffering, damages for future pain and suffering, and punitive damages.


The jury found that plaintiffs damages totaled $3.6 million.