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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 20-Sep-2017
Accidents happen all the time, unfortunately, but most are actually quite avoidable and often caused by driver error. Even the best, most cautious drivers can use tips to make them better, safer drivers on the road. Read on to learn how you can avoid some of the most common accidents, so you can save yourself the pain, costs, and trouble of enduring an accident:

1.Stay out of the fast lane: When you use the center or right lane on multilane roads, you have better access to “escape routes” if a problem or obstacle suddenly arises, requiring you to immediately change lanes. Additionally, you appear more conspicuous to highway patrol if you are cruising along in the so-called fast lane.

2.Always let your eyes scan the road ahead: Do not just rest your eyes on the car in front of you. You must also watch the traffic ahead, which will allow you enough time to react to any issues, decreasing your chances of rear-ending the car in front of you if they have to make a sudden stop.

3.Beware of blind spots: Of course, all responsible drivers adjust their side mirrors and rearview mirror to see what is behind, but this cannot be the only thing you rely on. You must turn to look at the lanes beside you to avoid missing something that your mirrors cannot reveal. It is also crucial to be aware of the blind spots of other drivers, particularly truck drivers, and to try to reduce the amount of time you spend in them.

4.Judge drivers by the condition of their car: A car’s condition is often indicative of an owner’s attentiveness, or lack thereof. Dirty or damaged windows might suggest an inattentive driver. Or, if you see a driver often drift into other lanes, he or she might be tired, distracted, or even drunk. Keep your distance from drivers whom you suspect are not aware of their surroundings.

5.Understand your car’s limits: All cars perform differently, so it is important to know how your particular vehicle performs under a variety of circumstances and to avoid situations in which you know your car does not have the ability to cope with. For example, if your vehicle tends to lean when you round corners, wrenching the wheels at a high speed should be avoided.

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