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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 17-Oct-2017
According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s most recent list of common workplace safety violations, fall protection topped the list, along with ladders at #7. Ladders are used in nearly every industry and for that reason, they account for a large number of workplace injuries and deaths. How exactly do they happen? Below are a few common causes of ladder accidents at work.

1. Wrong Type of Ladder: Not all ladders are created equal. For this reason, it’s important to consider each ladder’s weight capacity. If a ladder’s weight limit is exceeded, it may break, causing someone to fall +and be injured.
2. Work or Damaged Ladder: Another common factor that results in injuries is using an old or damaged ladder. While ladders may seem indestructible at times, they don’t last forever. Take into account how old the ladder is, how many times it’s been used and how much weight is put on it on a daily basis. Always inspect a ladder and check for any cracks or wobbly steps before climbing one, especially at an elevated height.
3. Incorrect Use of Ladder: Human error is another leading cause of ladder injury accidents. While it may seem obvious, never use a ladder in any other way than is intended by the manufacturer. That includes altering the ladder to make it longer. In addition, always keep a total of three hands and feet in contact with the ladder at all times to prevent falling.
4. Incorrect Placement of Ladder: Never place the ladder on uneven floor or in front of an unguarded door, unless it is securely locked. Always place the ladder on level and firm ground, away from any potential hazards.

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