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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 5-Feb-2019
A car accident can leave you angry, afraid, frustrated, and confused, especially if it is your first one. However, you must understand how you respond to the situation can affect your entitled compensation to pay for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and even emotional distress from the collision.

There are many cases where someone makes a mistake that prevents them from obtaining the monetary damages they deserve. By knowing what to do and what mistakes to avoid, you could help maximize your settlement and make the best possible recovery from injury.

The following are common mistakes to avoid after a car accident:

Admit guilt – When we accidentally bump into another person while walking, it is only natural to apologize immediately after contact occurs. However, if you happen to say “I’m sorry” after a collision, the other driver involved and their insurance company may consider your apology as an admission of guilt. Besides asking for their contact information and if they are hurt, you should avoid speaking with the driver(s) and let your attorney speak for you.
Not contact law enforcement – One of the most valuable pieces of evidence in a car accident claim is the police report. This unbiased account of the accident can help you hold the other driver liable for your injuries. The police report consists of the officer’s observations, witness accounts, and even photographs. Failure to contact the police may raise suspicion from the insurance company.
Not collect your own evidence – It is imperative to gather evidence to build your case. Use your cellphone to take pictures or videos of the damages and injuries involved in the crash, as well as the overall accident scene. If you have been injured, record your injuries and the recovery process to demonstrate the seriousness of the collision. Write down the names and contact information of witnesses. Without any evidence to support your case, the other party and their insurer can hold you accountable for the accident.
Skip seeing the doctor – Even if you were involved in a minor fender-bender, your health and well-being must be examined by a certified physician. Not only can a doctor figure out the full extent of your injuries and offer viable treatment options, but he/she can also provide medical records that can be used as evidence in your car accident claim. If you fail to see a doctor after the crash and you start feeling painful symptoms days or weeks later, the insurance company might believe you are faking your injuries because you failed to seek immediate medical treatment.
Take the first settlement offer – Insurance adjusters are committed to profiting from your premiums and protecting the company’s bottom line, which means they are looking out for their own best interests. If they offer you an initial settlement, it is most likely lower than what you actually deserve. If you happen to accept the offer, you cannot reopen your claim to recover more money.
To avoid making any of the mistakes mentioned above, having an experienced personal injury attorney can make all the difference. Our Long Island car accident lawyers at Gruenberg Kelly Della can investigate your accident, collect evidence, negotiate with insurers, and help you obtain the most reasonable compensation possible.

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