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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 23-May-2019
When filing a personal injury claim related to a motor vehicle accident, photographs are some of the most substantial evidence you can provide to support your case. To ensure your pictures will offer the most complete information about the accident to attorneys and insurance providers, it is essential to take clear, comprehensive, detailed photos.

#1: Take multiple photos that show every element of the accident, from close-up details to wide-shot photographs of the area, and return to the scene for additional evidence.
Through your accident photos, you want to be able to demonstrate exactly what occurred during the incident. To get an accurate depiction of the collision, it is essential to be as thorough as possible when photographing the scene. Take pictures of the damage on your vehicle and others, the area where the accident happened, and even details like tire tracks. If you can, return to the area after it is clear to photograph anything you missed and leftover debris.

#2: Photograph every driver, passenger, and anyone who responded after the accident.
Witnesses are key resources in cases about car accidents. Therefore, it is essential to have evidence that proves who was present during and after the collision. If possible, take pictures of the other driver and passengers when collecting their contact information. Photograph the police and medical staff who assisted after the accident as well, to maintain a record of their involvement.

#3: Maintain records of your injuries.
In addition to medical records and x-rays, your own photographs of an injury’s progression show exactly what injuries you sustained in a car accident, your condition and healing process, and — with the help of time stamps — how long your injuries lasted. A photographic timeline of your injuries demonstrates additional information about the treatment you received, and how long the injury impacted your ability to work. So, as well as medical expenses, photographs of your injuries can also help your attorneys build a case for recovering compensation for lost wages.

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