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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 22-Aug-2019
Following any motor vehicle collision, the drivers who were involved are often the first people to face blame, and for good reason. Drivers are operating the vehicles, and are primarily responsible for what occurs while they are driving. However, there are multiple factors that can negatively impact a driver’s ability to safely operate their vehicle. The parties who are responsible for these outside influences can be held liable if a driver is involved in an accident.

Circumstances outside of a driver’s control are especially important in cases of truck accidents. Truck drivers rely on an entire team of other people to make sure their trips are safe — any negligence within that team can contribute to a collision.

Defective Vehicle and Maintenance Claims
Semi-truck maintenance is much more complicated than working on a car, because trucks have complex operating systems that must be serviced by professionals. Trucking companies and government regulatory agencies require frequent repairs to make sure commercial vehicles operate safely. Businesses that fail to initiate regular safety inspections of their vehicles can be liable for the damages that result from a maintenance issue.

It is possible that defective truck parts can render a vehicle dangerous even before a driver’s first trip. When a collision results from a maintenance issue caused by a defective part, the people who designed, manufactured, or sold that part can be held responsible.

Employer Liability
When 18-wheeler drivers cause accidents, they are on the job. As their employer, the trucking company will share some fault. Trucking companies are ultimately in charge of hiring qualified employees, maintaining their vehicles, and administering safety checks, so any oversight in those responsibilities can be evidence of liability.

Determining liability in a truck accident case can be complicated — there are many different people that work together to maintain the safety of semi-trucks, and negligence can be attributed to multiple parties. At Gruenberg Kelly Della, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and resources necessary to establish a strong case and recover the compensation you deserve after a collision.

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