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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 21-Nov-2019
Every worker has responsibilities in their role. Paramedics are responsible for providing emergency medical care to people who are ill or injured. Mechanics are responsible for repairing vehicles. Truck drivers are responsible for transporting their cargo, but have another responsibility as well: To drive safely.

Not every trucker fulfills their responsibility to drive safely, and the consequences are greater than just not doing their job well. Driving recklessly can endanger the lives of other people on the road.

If a truck driver causes a collision and injures another driver, it is often the result of the own driver’s negligence. However, truck accidents can also be caused by negligent hiring.

What is Negligent Hiring?
“Negligent hiring” defines any hiring practice that results in an employee being hired despite apparent safety concerns. In the trucking industry, this could mean hiring a person who has a history of driving under the influence or driving recklessly.

Trucking Company Hiring Responsibilities
When evaluating the qualifications of a new worker, employers examine their education, certifications, and previous professional experience. A trucking company that is committed to hiring qualified and safe drivers will look for candidates who are experienced and have a clean driving record. Employers should conduct a thorough background check in order to eliminate applicants who have a history of driving recklessly.

An Employer’s Responsibilities After Hiring a New Worker
Beyond an employee’s first day of work, trucking companies have other responsibilities to maintain the safety of their operation. Trucking companies are often responsible for maintaining their vehicles and conducting safety inspections, but there are things they can do on an employee level too. This may include administering safety training and monitoring conduct violations.

An employee who has a safe reputation upon hire can still endanger other drivers without proper oversight. It is crucial for employers to consistently evaluate their workforce’s level of safety, and address any shortcomings.

It is possible that negligent hiring contributed to your car accident case. If there is evidence that the trucking company knowingly hired a person with little experience or a history of reckless driving, they could be liable for damages in addition to the driver. They could also be liable for any failure to maintain safety after they were hired.

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