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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 10-Feb-2020
One of the truths of life is that it eventually ends for everyone, at one point or another. However, certain kinds of deaths are easily preventable. At each stage in life, there are dangers that can cause catastrophic to fatal injuries that can be avoided if you take certain precautions. Our law firm often sees wrongful death cases that could have been prevented if the party responsible was simply paying attention.

Below are the most common deaths that can occur based on your age group, and tips on how you can avoid sustaining injuries from them. Even if you haven’t died in the following accidents, it’s still important to contact a personal injury lawyer if you’re in pain.


For babies, a common cause of death is suffocation. This can be prevented through supervision, keeping your infant in their crib, as opposed to having them sleep between their parents, and leaving them to sleep on their backs. People should also take care to not leave babies with toys or stuffed animals without supervision.

Teenagers & Adults

It’s no surprise that a common cause of death for most Americans is traffic collisions. Car, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents happen all the time, resulting in about 20 deaths a day. And because drivers are human and humans make mistakes, many fatal car accidents are caused by negligent drivers. You can prevent wrongful deaths from car accidents by reducing distractions, such as texting while driving, refraining from consuming alcohol or drugs before driving, and wearing your seatbelt.

Older Adults

For aging individuals, slip and fall accidents cause about 70 deaths each day – deaths that can be prevented. It is recommended that older adults install grab bar around the home and bathroom, and that you take caution when you walk around wet or slippery areas. You should also be careful when using stairs.

Understanding & Compassionate Support
At Gruenberg Kelly Della, we understand that we’re working with clients who are at their most vulnerable, which is why we strive to relieve them of their burdens so they can concentrate on their grieving process. The faster we hear from you regarding your wrongful death case, the faster we can fight for your rights to compensation so you and your family can move on. We’ve recovered more than $100 million in damages for our clients thanks to our strong strategies and negotiation skills in court. Lean on us during this time of need.

Call Gruenberg Kelly Della at (888) 305-6372, or contact us onlineif your loved one has passed away due to circumstances that have been caused by negligence. Nothing can bring your loved one back, but we can seek justice and achieve full compensation for your suffering.