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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 27-Feb-2020
When car crashes end in fatalities, families of the deceased are left feeling a whirlwind of emotions that include grief, anger, and anxiety, among others. While many families want to achieve justice for their loved one and file a wrongful death lawsuit, they’re not always sure on how evidence can be gathered to prove liability.

In some cases, personal injury lawyers will hire accident reconstruction specialists. These individuals are specially trained and qualified to create the scene of an accident in order to gather evidence. In this way, they can determine how the accident was caused, and, more importantly, who is ultimately responsible for it.

The goals of accident reconstructionists, who are typically engineers or law enforcement officers, are to determine:

  • The speeds the vehicles were driving at when they crashed
  • The severity of the accident
  • What the drivers were doing before the crash occurred

Reconstructionists investigate the crash scene through analyzing collected data and gathering testimonies. They also consider the role that weather plays in accidents.

One reason why it’s extremely important to hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible is because the earlier a potential client calls a lawyer, the earlier the lawyer can call a reconstructionist to visit the crash scene.

Do I Need an Accident Reconstructionist?
In a wrongful death case, it’s often necessary to hire an accident reconstructionist to find answers, because your loved one isn’t present to recount the accident.

You or your lawyer might contact a specialist if you need the following defined:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Code violations
  • Sight distance
  • Collision severity
  • Avoidability

By hiring a specialist to investigate the scene of your loved one’s accident, they may be able to help determine liability, and your family can achieve justice by receiving the compensation you’re owed.

While our lawyers can’t do anything to bring your loved one back, we can help recover the damages you’ve suffered from as a result of their accident. Whether you have mounting medical bills, property damage, or lost income – which can be especially significant if your loved one was the breadwinner in the family – our team can do whatever it take to help you pay for it.

By Your Side During This Difficult Time
Experiencing a death in the family is always an emotional and challenging time, and the grieving process can feel exhausting and endless. The last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to pay the medical bills you received from your loved one’s treatment, or how to repair property damage from the accident. At Gruenberg Kelly Della, our wrongful death attorneys want to help you carry the load. When we take on your case, we prepare for it as if it were going to court tomorrow. Our team conducts thorough investigations and wastes no time in gathering evidence so we can build a strong case. Our priority is safeguarding your family’s future by pursuing the compensation you deserve for your loss.

Call Gruenberg Kelly Della at (888) 305-6372, or contact us onlineif your loved one has passed away as the result of another’s carelessness. No one should have to die because of another person’s simple mistake, and our wrongful death attorneys can work tirelessly to help your family recover damages.