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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 24-Apr-2020
Drivers who commit hit and run accidents — in which they collide with a driver and then leave the scene — fail to meet the basic care that all drivers owe to each other. Hitting and running is one of the most negligent things a person can do on the road. When they do, they leave injury victims scrambling to find a way to be fairly compensated for their damages.

If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, you know how confusing the aftermath can be. It is difficult to understand how to proceed if you have not been in this situation before.

One of the most common questions that hit and run accident victims ponder is whether they can sue the hit and run driver for additional damages.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is a type of insurance policy that can cover you in the event of a hit and run accident. Although this type of policy is intended for situations in which you collide with a driver who does not have insurance or whose insurance is not sufficient, it can also be helpful if the person you collide with flees the scene.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance is an optional add-on to policies, and is not standard with most insurance plans. If you live in a no-fault state, you will need to file a claim with your own insurance company in the event of any accident, but uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance can potentially provide additional coverage in the event of a hit and run accident.

Punitive Damages
In cases of hit and run accidents, you may be able to sue a hit and run driver in addition to receiving benefits from your standard insurance policy or uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Because hit and run drivers are especially negligent, they may be liable for additional damages outside of the insurance system. Of course, this will require that the driver is eventually identified. You should report all car accidents to the police, and if a hit and run occurs, the police will conduct their own criminal investigation. Once the police identify the driver, you may be able to file a lawsuit for damages.

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