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Posted By Gruenberg Kelly Della || 10-Nov-2020
How to Safely Navigate New York’s Slippery Sidewalks
A New York winter is beautiful from your window, yet slightly frightening when you’re tasked with going out and braving the road conditions it has created. As you step into the spirit of the season, consider these tips to remain safe.

Walk Slowly
Leave yourself ample time in the morning so you may walk slowly and carefully. Leaving in haste could increase the likelihood of a slip and fall.

Invest in Winter Boots
Bundle up with winter boots when trekking through the ice and snow. Your shoes should not have heels or smooth soles. Even if the shoes don’t match your attire for the day, consider wearing the boots during your commute and packing a pair of shoes to change into once you reach your destination.

Keep Your Hands Clear
Walking with your hands full or in your pockets makes it more difficult to regain balance or catch yourself should you encounter a slippery patch. Instead, consider carrying a bag to hold your items and wear gloves to keep your hands warm outside of your jacket.

Walk Flat-Footed
When you are met with a slippery sidewalk, pair your slow, small steps with careful flat-footed movements. Doing so will help you cross safely.

Pay Attention
Avoid the temptation of looking at your phone or the sparkling winter landscape. Pay attention to the conditions of the ground where you are walking and look out for ice patches and uneven surfaces and seek out the safest path.

Take the Safest Path, Not the Fastest One
Utilize shoveled pathways, even if it means tacking on a few extra minutes to your travel time.

Step Down and Not Out
Stepping down and keeping your feet under your hips when dismounting from a vehicle or curb allow you to better keep your balance.

If you fall victim to a slip accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact Gruenberg Kelly Della. We will fight for your compensation, and you won’t pay unless we win your case!