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Construction is a dangerous occupation and construction sites can be hazardous locations. If you’ve ever taken a brief look at the precarious situations that the workers put themselves in, or you work in this environment, you know this all too well. Workers and bystanders alike need to be on the lookout for some of the dangerous chemicals and materials that are found at these locations.

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Chemical Solvents

Solvents are one of the most common chemicals you’ll find at any construction site. Found in many paints and industrial-strength adhesives, these can be very harmful if someone unprotected encounters them. Inhaling them can result in brain and nerve damage. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to solvents can lead to cancer, blindness, and an irregular heartbeat.


Mold is about as common as seasonal allergies or the cold. It’s everywhere, and more than likely, you encounter the substance more times than you realize. Prolonged exposure to mold while working on a construction site can result in asthma and serious problems with your respiratory system. Mold tends to grow in areas with low sunlight and high moisture. Because mold most commonly grows on materials used in housing, it’s important to guard against it whenever possible.

Flammable Liquids

Liquids that are combustible and flammable are commonplace at any construction site. Gasoline, paint thinner, oil, even some of the industrial-strength cleaners contain corrosive acids, so safe handling is of the utmost importance. Unprotected exposure can lead to irreversible eye damage and skin irritation. Make sure that any containers with flammable liquids are labeled and not used by anyone who isn’t properly trained.

Proper Caution and Accountability

For anyone working in construction or manufacturing, proper safety must always be top priority. Negligence due to laziness and lack of proper training is one of the leading factors that cause workplace accidents. Before using anything on the job, it’s important to follow OSHA regulations and not attempt to use anything that you aren’t familiar with.

Know Your Rights

If you’ve been hurt on the job, be it from prolonged exposure or an accident, you have legal rights. And that’s where the law firm of Gruenberg Kelly Della can be of assistance. No one plans on being injured, and you shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of someone else’s negligence. As one of Long Island’s finest law firms, we’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We’ll help restore you to the quality of life you deserve. Visit us online or give us a call at (631) 737-4110.