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Slip, trip, and fall injuries are a common source of pain and damage in both private settings and at the workplace. These types of injuries contributed to 40% of occupational fatalities in 2019. That illustrates the severity of this matter, and we would like to help guide you through what to do in the event you sustain a slip and fall accident.

Slip and Fall Injury

Do These Three Things

There are three basic steps you should take:

Seek Medical Attention ASAP
First and foremost, whenever you fall, focus on safely removing yourself from the area, call 911 if you are seriously hurt, and seek medical services. It’s not uncommon for these accidents to result in broken bones, joint dislocations, concussions, and more. Your immediate health is the paramount concern. Don’t hesitate to cooperate with a nearby friend or bystander if they can help you since you may not be able to move safely on your own.

Document The Incident
You could slip and fall either at work or while patronizing a private business. If this is the case, and you can identify tripping hazards, then the owner or proprietor may be held accountable for damages. Your success in this regard depends upon good documentation.

After you’ve gotten appropriate medical treatment, take some time to document precisely what occurred. That should include the presence of any tripping hazards such as puddles, spilled materials, loose cords, etc. Make sure you obtain contact/insurance information from the ownership.

Don’t forget to get as much written testimony from any witnesses. Don’t assume it was automatically your fault, and always seek legal counsel before making any kind of settlement.

Contact Gruenberg Kelly Della For Consultation

That last component is relevant irrespective of whether you take an owner/boss to court. These incidents do not necessarily entail an acrimonious legal dispute, but you want to have legal counsel to ensure your legal rights. You can obtain the best legal sponsorship in New York through the services of Gruenberg Kelly Della. We have years of cumulative experience with these matters; having secured hundreds of millions of dollars for numerous clients.

Gruenberg Kelly Della Attorneys And Counselors at Law exist for personal injury advocacy. We seek to guide you through a painful experience and ensure your indemnification whenever negligence occurs. The legal process related to slips and falls tends to be complex, which is why you must align yourself with professionals. If you want to learn more about our various legal services and expertise, please contact us at (631) 737-4110.