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If you’ve been injured in an accident by a drunk driver, Gruenberg Kelly Della can assist you in recovering damages. We understand how painful, traumatizing, and frustrating that sort of situation can be for its victims. When a drunk-driving accident occurs, there are things you should bear in mind.
Follow these four steps if you become injured by a drunk driver.

4 steps to take when injured by a drunk driver

Check Yourself For Injuries

Even before you call 911, try your best to identify all obvious injuries so you can relay them to the 911 dispatcher. This includes your injuries as well as anybody else involved. Pay close attention to any broken bones, lacerations, soreness, sprains, punctures, incisions, or dislocations, and anything else you know will require medical attention.

Call 911 ASAP

Always stay as calm as possible and explain the accident over the phone to the 911 dispatcher. You should report all vehicle collisions, however minor, both for insurance and legal purposes. If you fail to report an accident, it would be difficult to gain restitution for injuries or property damage.

Gather All Relevant Information

It’s always wise to document as much as possible. Granted, in a strenuous situation like a car accident, it may be difficult. You should try to ascertain at least the following from the other person involved: driver’s license information, insurance information, the names of any passengers, and license plate photos. You might have trouble speaking with a drunk driver but see if you can get a photo of them as well as any open alcohol containers you come across. Proceed with caution though and avoid belligerent individuals in the wake of an accident.

Seek Legal Counseling

An attorney can help you expedite legal proceedings. Legal professionals are well suited for corresponding with insurance companies and handling the bureaucracy following an accident. Whatever you do, as with any accident, never try to handle it all by yourself. Always seek professional guidance.

Gruenberg Kelly Della is responsible for providing the best personal injury assistance in New York. Although it may seem easy to recover damages in a drunk-driving accident that was not your fault, it’s prudent to have a good attorney guide you through any potential litigation. If you’ve been in an accident and need help, especially if it wasn’t your fault, call us for help at (631) 737-4110.