Why Testimony from an Eyewitness to a Car Accident May Help Your Claim

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Why Testimony from an Eyewitness to a Car Accident May Help Your Claim

It always helps your chances for restitution whenever you can get an eyewitness testimony to a car accident. At Gruenberg Kelly Della, we handle many cases involving automotive accidents, so we know the value of having cooperative witnesses on your side. In this post, we’ll highlight why that’s true and how someone can qualify as an eyewitness.

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Importance of Eyewitness Testimony in Car Accident Cases

It’s very helpful to have third-party bystanders assist your claim that somebody else was at fault for the accident. Each accident is unique, but here are some generally good bystander witnesses that may help you:

  • Individuals who saw the accident from their home or business
  • Passengers from other vehicles
  • Nearby pedestrians who saw the accident
  • Other drivers and good samaritans who helped after the wreck

Of course, it helps if these individuals were able to see something that created the accident such as driving while texting, failure to yield or reduce speed, driving with other distractions, and so forth.

What Constitutes an Eyewitness?

Be careful about what constitutes a legitimate eyewitness. There are a couple of common questions that often arise when clients try to identify possible witnesses.

  • Can somebody who was in the car with me serve as a witness?
  • How do I obtain eyewitness testimony?

Generally, eyewitnesses in the vehicle with you have a certain degree of bias, which may not hold up well in court. Don’t forget that if it goes to court, your opponent will have his/her attorney and insurance provider scrutinize the witness’s efficacy. This is all the more reason to prepare for that by following these four things you should do following a car crash in New York..

The best way to obtain an eyewitness statement is to simply ask the witness once things have calmed down after the wreck (provided you’re not too seriously injured to do so). You can ask them to give a written statement, but at least gather some contact information so they can speak with your legal counselors later.

Let Gruenberg Kelly Della Help You in Court

As always, never try to navigate the aftermath of an automobile accident alone, especially if you believe someone else was at fault. You may be able to obtain damages, which is why you’ll want to seek professional legal guidance through Gruenberg Kelly Della. Let us show you why we are New York’s top firm for personal injury recovery.

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