How Our Car Injury Lawyers Defend You

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How Our Car Injury Lawyers Defend You

Suffering the traumatic experience of a car accident can be one of life’s most difficult moments. Injury, property damage, and even death can result from particularly dangerous accidents, which occur every day in New York and throughout the entire country. When one of the parties involved in the accident fails to drive safely enough to avoid the collision, they may be culpable for extensive civil damages.

Our Car Injury Lawyers are Ready to Defend You.

Gruenberg Kelly Della fights to ensure this happens whenever you’re the victim of negligent or unsafe driving. We’d like to show you more about how injury lawyers can defend you and help you gain recompense following a difficult car accident.

How Gruenberg Kelly Della Defends You

There are three basic steps that allow you the opportunity to gain restitution for a vehicular accident.

  • We investigate the accident and help determine liability for it.
  • We calculate your various damages to find out how much the culpable party owes you.
  • Finally, our team of personal injury attorneys fights to get you those damages (through the court system, if necessary).

You can see from this rubric that the cornerstone of this process is performing a solid investigation of the accident scene, sometimes called “accident forensics.” Here, we follow up with the local authorities handling the accident aftermath, which helps us find out who may have caused/instigated the collision. We also seek to identify any helpful witnesses who might provide solid testimony in court.

Next, we start to discover whether a civil court case or settlement is plausible, and if so, for what amount. You can help with this process by supplying documentation of medical expenses, property damage, and any other bills you’ve incurred throughout the process. That allows us to construct a damage estimate that we can pursue either by settlement or in court.

Lastly, Gruenberg Kelly Della is willing to fight for your case in court if we determine it’s possible to win. Sometimes, we can avoid this by negotiating with insurance companies and the other party’s legal team, but that’s not always the case. You can be certain, however, that we won’t stop until we fully address your personal injury claim.

Gruenberg Kelly Della handles several kinds of difficult personal injury cases such as car accidents, truck accidents, medical negligence and malpractice, traumatic brain injuries, construction accidents, wrongful death, and much more. So, if you think your recent accident demands justice, it never hurts to contact us to see how we can assist. Contact us to learn more by dialing (631) 737-4110.