5 Most Common Personal Injury Accidents

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5 Most Common Personal Injury Accidents

Personal injury accidents are a major source of trauma, injury, disability, and frustration. It’s a common reason for people to need a leave of absence from work or other important obligations. We defend clients who suffer several kinds of personal injury accidents, but below are the ones we see most often in New York.

Common Personal Injury Accidents

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

These kinds of accidents can occur anywhere: at home, in stores, at work, and outside. They account for roughly one million emergency room visits each year. Everything from poor flooring material, to spilled substances, and icy sidewalks can cause a fall. If you slip and fall on poorly maintained public or private grounds, the property owner may be responsible for paying for your medical expenses.

Vehicle Accidents

Car, bike, truck, and motorcycle accidents are a frequent occurrence in New York. They’re an enormous source of traumatic-brain-injuries (TBI), most of which are avoidable. You may encounter many near collisions whenever drivers make reckless lane changes, drive beyond the speed limit, or follow too closely.

Medical Malpractice

Most of the other accidents are sudden, unexpected, or result from innocent human error. Medical malpractice is more complicated because it involves a patient’s fiduciary relationship with a medical practitioner. The law holds physicians to high standards, which means they are accountable for poor treatments that defy prevailing medical practices.

Workplace Accidents

We mentioned slip-and-fall accidents already, but they happen to be the most common way to get hurt on the job. Sometimes they happen when employees horseplay or fail to follow safety procedures. Other times, when a worker abides by those policies, it may be that the employer failed to ensure a safe working environment. Those are the cases that often require damages and restitution by the company.

Wrongful Death Accidents

If an accident rises to the level of wrongful death, the victim’s family should receive significant recompense. There’s obviously no way to put a price tag on lost life, but wrongful death laws exist to prevent it from happening due to gross oversight.

These accidents are often the result of negligence, but not always. If you suspect that something has happened because of willful negligence or misfeasance, then we’d like to help you further investigate the matter. You may have a strong case for recovering restitution from property owners, physicians, employers, or anybody else responsible for the accident.

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