5 Common Personal Injuries During the Holidays

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5 Common Personal Injuries During the Holidays

Do you know the most common personal injuries that occur during the holiday season?

While Gruenberg Kelly Della offers legal sponsorship for over a dozen personal injury categories, there are a few that happen even more frequently during the holidays. These are the top five injury situations that may lead to a civil suit if you can demonstrate negligence.

The 5 Most Common Holiday Personal Injuries

Slips, Trips, & Falls
Slips, trips, and falls are dangerous and common occurrences all year long, but we know it gets worse when the roads and sidewalks become icy. There is also more risk of falling when you’re in crowded areas like busy department stores this time of year. If store owners fail to remove walkway obstructions and tripping hazards, then they assume responsibility for the accident.

Slip and Fall NYC
Car Accidents
We handle car accidents all the time for clients in New York. Sometimes the added holiday stress leads people to drive even more hastily, thereby increasing the likelihood of a serious accident. Of course, that’s no excuse for speeding, erratic lane changes, following too closely, or other conditions that create a fertile ground for life-threatening accidents.

Broken Bones
Colder weather often leads to more broken bones and musculoskeletal injuries. This is a catch-all category that goes along with these other uptick areas. Broken bones are a common result of car accidents, falling accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents, and more.

Burn Injuries
Severe burn injuries are some of the most devastating that we encounter. The holidays are a terrific time for oven/stove cooking, fireplaces, and other indoor activities that require heating elements. Many of these accidents are no fault of anyone in particular, but negligence is still possible. Your landlord, if you have one, is responsible for making sure all indoor heating amenities are safe and functional. They should also make sure your building has adequate fire extinguisher access.

Tree-Related Injuries
This problem is more common in rural/suburban areas, but it happens with surprising frequency even in New York. If you live in an apartment complex, your landlord neglects to remove dangerous trees, and one falls onto you, you may have a case for a civil suit. The same is true if your neighbor allows a dead or diseased tree to fall and hit you or a family member.

This, of course, only scratches the surface of the various personal injury categories. Alas, the holiday season is also a common time for medical malpractice, preventable traumatic-brain injuries (TBIs), and so forth.

If you experience an accident or injury like these during the holidays (or any time of year), contact Gruenberg Kelly Della for legal assistance. Even though they’re accidents, it doesn’t mean someone isn’t culpable for their occurrence. We can help you determine if negligence played a role and use that as grounds for recovering damages.

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