Cruise Control and Car Accident Claims

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Cruise Control and Car Accident Claims

According to statistics released by the IIHS, it was concluded that cruise control increases the likelihood of a fatal car accident by 10 percent because of how drivers misuse these systems. Unfortunately, cruise-control car accidents are a reality, and they can lead to serious injuries.

Even though this system is known for assisting drivers, accidents happen, especially during long drives and everyday commutes, when it can be tempting to rely on this automotive technological advancement more. Should you have recently been involved in a cruise control vehicle accident, you should consider speaking with a New York car accident attorney.

A qualified attorney at Gruenberg Kelly Della can assess the role cruise control played in your accident and help you determine your right to compensation or your need to reach a favorable settlement. Before you contact us, consider looking at this informative blog on cruise control and car accident claims.

Does The Duty Of Care Still Apply When Cruise Control Is At Play?

Even when using cruise control, you still owe other drivers on the road a duty of care to keep them reasonably safe from your driving. Unfortunately, many drivers mistakenly believe that if they use cruise control, they don’t need to remain in control of their vehicles, leading to numerous preventable accidents.

In these instances, a person can still be held responsible for an accident even if they were not directly controlling the speed of their vehicle when the car crash occurred. Ultimately, this is because they should have maintained control of the vehicle, and in not doing so, they failed to uphold their duty of care.

How Does Cruise Control Affect A Car Accident Claim?

So how exactly does cruise control affect a car accident claim? Essentially if a driver (or you) were using cruise control at the time of the accident, it could increase how much they (or you) are found liable for the car crash.

When our attorneys examine the details surrounding your claim, we will determine if cruise control was necessary leading up to the accident and who was at fault. Additionally, you will likely be asked the following questions to better determine if the use of cruise control was necessary and if it adds to your (or their) negligence.

  • What was the purpose of the trip?
  • What was the speed the vehicle was traveling?
  • Would a driver normally use cruise control in the area the accident occurred?
  • Was the driver driving too fast when using cruise control?
  • What speed was the cruise control set?
  • Was cruise control activated on a neighborhood street or highway?

If a driver has used cruise control in a neighborhood where this feature was not needed, they could be considered grossly negligent and be at fault. If this is the case, you could pursue damages, including punitive damages. Yet, since it can be difficult to determine liability in cruise control accidents, it’s best to file a claim with an attorney.

Get In Touch With A Car Accident Attorney To Discuss Your Claim

Using cruise control doesn’t stop a driver from having a duty of care. Should you have been involved in a cruise control accident, it would be within your best interests to speak with a New York auto accident attorney today.

The lawyers at Gruenberg Kelly Della have the necessary skills you need to handle filing your claim while you focus on recovery. So contact us here, and we’ll schedule an obligation-free consultation.