Handle a Personal Injury During the Holidays with These Tips

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Handle a Personal Injury During the Holidays with These Tips

It can be substantially harder to cope with a serious personal injury during the holidays. We encounter folks with traumatic brain injuries, for example, who experience difficulty with loud noises, large crowds, and flashing lights that come with holiday festivities.

There are, however, ways to manage the side effects of a personal injury amid so many potential triggers and frustrations. Here are a few tips on how to handle personal injuries better during the holiday season.

Handling an Injury During the Holidays

Identify Your Triggers & Plan Accordingly

Do you know what triggers your post-TBI symptoms? These are so crucial to know because it determines how to prevent them. Many TBI patients experience tinnitus, epilepsy, or other severe symptoms, which can become much worse around certain noises, flashing lights, and even loud conversations during holiday gatherings. You may need to approach your friends and relatives about it before you visit them for a Christmas or New Year’s party.

Make Rest & Relaxation a Higher Priority

The holiday season is stressful for most folks in New York, but we forget that it’s intended to be an opportunity to rest, relax, and recuperate. Now is the best time for a TBI sufferer to look for opportunities to get more sleep and enjoy non-triggering activities like walking in a park or reading a novel.

Pay Attention to Symptoms & Heed Doctor Advice

So, what should you do if symptoms get out of control? Well, it’s a classic example of “listen to your body.” If you’re running into trouble with holiday stress, during a long shopping activity, for example, remember to take breaks periodically. Above all else, follow your doctor’s advice for managing symptoms.

Stay Busy with Normal Activities

It might also help to take your mind off TBI-related stress by focusing on moderate work, slow-movement exercise, and fun activities. In moderation, it doesn’t hurt to get the blood flowing. Don’t forget that it’s a terrific time to do volunteer projects, especially with other friends who can help boost your spirits.

Finally, if you’ve just suffered a TBI and suspect it was someone else’s fault, then please contact us for help. Not all TBIs result from neglect, but some do, and you owe it to yourself to seek justice and peace of mind. Gruenberg Kelly Della offers professional legal counseling for any type of personal injury, including car accidents, construction accidents, pedestrian accidents, and medical malpractice.

We hope you have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable holiday season. If you’d like to learn more about TBIs or any of our services, call us at 631-737-4110.