The Purpose of Suing Even When There are No Injuries After a Car Accident

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The Purpose of Suing Even When There are No Injuries After a Car Accident

Is it possible to file a lawsuit after suffering a car accident even when there are no injuries? Yes, and it may surprise many to realize that most auto accidents do not involve injuries, but vehicular damage on its own may justify a lawsuit. Rather than settle for a meager insurance settlement, you may obtain do better by suing if you can show the other driver was to blame.

There are several ways to recover damages after a car accident for various items we’ll cover below. Be aware that insurance only covers so much, and, as a business, providers will do as much as possible to avoid awarding what you may deserve. Fortunately, it’s common for accident victims in New York to sue for things like property damage and lost wages all the time.

Suing after car accident

What Can You Recover?

Automotive Repair Costs
This is the most obvious item. Even a minor fender bender will probably force you to take your vehicle into a body shop, which often costs at least a few hundred dollars (and usually much more).

Car Rental Fees
Did you have to rent a car for a few days after the accident? You probably noticed that it wasn’t cheap either. If the insurance doesn’t cover it, because of some loophole, it helps to include this expense in your lawsuit.

Lost Wages
Perhaps you couldn’t get to work without a ride. The wages you lost during the ordeal are also recoverable damages.

Pain & Suffering
There’s much more to accident trauma than just broken bones and the like. You can also sue for emotional trauma such as anxiety, a developed fear of noises, nightmares, sleep disruption, depression, and so forth.

Other Forms of Property Damage
You can also hire us to help you recover other forms of property damage. Examples of this might include cell phones, laptop computers, hearing aids, and even injured pets.

Supplement to Insurance Payouts
Of course, as you pursue a lawsuit, it’s still perfectly fine to accept insurance payouts. Since that may not be enough to cover your bills, however, many accident victims will sue to cover the difference.

Hiring an Attorney at Gruenberg Kelly Della

Any time you suffer an accident, it’s smart to hire a lawyer and prepare as much evidence so that they can make a solid case in court. This simply means providing a copy of the accident report, photos of the property damage, the other driver’s information, repair bills, and what you’d like to recover.

You can count on Gruenberg Kelly Della to help you even when the details are complex or unclear. Our first-rate legal sponsorship has helped clients recover substantial damages after suffering car accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, and more. Contact us anytime to discover how we can help by calling 631-737-4110.