Why You Should Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Early in Your Case

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Why You Should Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Early in Your Case

Experiencing any type of personal injury can be one of the most stressful ordeals for anyone. Insurance, workman’s compensation, and medical bills all add up quickly, and if you’re not careful, it can feel like you’re drowning in debt and frustration. To keep your head above water, one of the best things you can do is consult with an attorney as soon as you can. This makes all the difference in restoring your quality of life.

Why You Should Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Early in Your Case

Statute of Limitations

This varies depending on which state your accident occurs, but there’s usually a pre-determined time limit in which someone can file a claim for personal injury. These statutes are usually accompanied by considerable legal red tape that can be difficult to navigate without the proper knowledge and experience. Consulting with an attorney in the early stages can allow the ball to get rolling on your claim quickly.

Preservation of Evidence

When an injury has occurred, be it in a vehicle or on the job site, it’s essential that all evidence and data are collected immediately. This means documenting the timeline of events as they occurred, medical records, police reports, and any photographs of the scene in which the event took place are best gathered immediately. Consulting with an attorney early on means that you’ll have some additional resources

Formulating the Perfect Plan

If you’re a fan of professional sports, then you know that any coaching staff is proficient in making the right plan at the right moment. An personal injury attorney can help you develop the perfect course of action on how to proceed with your claim and case. It might seem intimidating when you realize that you have to file a claim, but an experienced attorney is there to help.

Avoid Settling for Less

Insurance companies are like any other business that keeps a keen eye on their profits. To avoid what they consider a loss, they usually try to settle claims quickly and offer settlements that might not be in your best interest. To avoid being low-balled or pressured to accept a small offer, a lawyer can help navigate the waters and make sure that you receive what you’re entitled to.

If you’ve recently been injured, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the full compensation that you’re entitled to. Gruenberg Kelly Della is here to help you get exactly what you deserve. Contact us at 631-737-4110 for more information or fill out the form below.