Ways to Prevent Heat-Related Construction Site Accidents

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Ways to Prevent Heat-Related Construction Site Accidents

High temperatures are the source of several injuries around construction locations in New York. Now that we’ve arrived at the hottest time of year, it’s important to focus on heat-related injuries. Along with defective equipment and various electrical hazards, this contributes to many of the cases brought to us for personal injury counsel.

Recent Proposed Legislation to Protect New York Workers

You may have heard the story of the 35-year-old construction worker, Tim Barber, who died from heat stroke in June 2020, resulting from high temperatures at his worksite. Barber, who was on only the second day of his job, worked eight hours straight without water, amid 96-degree temperatures in New York.

This led to public pressure to enact legislation protecting construction workers from the dangers posed by extreme heat or cold. As of last month, legislative reforms have not passed, but if accidents continue, that may change some day. In the meantime, it’s important to know that there are ways to mitigate the possibility of hypothermia or heat stroke while working outdoors during extreme weather.

Ways to Prevent Heat-Related Construction Site Accidents

Ways to Prevent Heat-Related Construction Site Accidents

  • Heat-Related Training – It’s essential for employers to train their employees on how to recognize the signs of heat-related illness. Also, while some workers may be tempted to skip breaks, it’s very important to stress hydration during warm-weather months.
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Hot Weather – While the first focus of PPE should be to protect against various work hazards, it’s also smart to select gear with breathable fabrics and light-colors that don’t absorb heat rapidly.
  • Utilize Shaded Areas Whenever Possible – Direct sunlight all day not only makes work way hotter and less comfortable but also contributes to sunburn and skin damage. It also helps to make use of fans, misting stations, and identify ways to improve ventilation in work areas.
  • Know How to Handle Emergencies – Businesses should have an emergency response plan, and train employees on it (at least) annually. This would cover critical issues like first-aid administration, how/when to call for medical help, and other vital protocols.

Call Gruenberg Kelly Della for Support Following Construction Site Accidents

If you’ve suffered a heat-related accident at a construction site, and believe negligence played a role, then you may have a case against the construction site’s property owner. We can help you determine that, and help you obtain recompense for lost wages, medical bills, and much more.

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