Is It Possible to Seek Compensation for Lost Wages in a Car Accident Injury Lawsuit?

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Is It Possible to Seek Compensation for Lost Wages in a Car Accident Injury Lawsuit?

Sustaining injuries from an auto crash is something that no one wants to think about. However, sometimes collisions happen through no fault of your own, and you may find yourself suffering from severe pain, racking up exorbitant medical bills, and/or faced with extensive damage to your property. Gruenberg Kelly Della discusses if you can sue for lost wages in a car accident injury claim.

New York Car Crash

The answer is ‘yes’, as long as you can prove that you were injured during a collision as a result of another driver’s negligence and cannot go back to work due to a direct injury from the incident. You can seek compensation for factors including your current financial losses as well as future income, pain and suffering, the loss of doing things you enjoyed before the accident, the cost of medical treatment, and emotional anguish in your personal injury claim.

There are steps you can take immediately to pave the way for success in a soon-to-be car accident lawsuit. To heighten the chances of victory with your personal injury claim, obtain as much evidence at the scene as possible and immediately report the accident to the police. Take clear pictures of any damage to your automobile and the other vehicle involved, and get the driver’s license plate number and insurance information. In the event there are witnesses to the collision, request their contact information since witness testimony is paramount in fulfilling the burden of proof in personal injury claims. Safeguard all medical documentation and bills related to your injury.

Fear not, as you do not have to go through the entire process by yourself. Gruenberg Kelly Della is a reputable law firm that will go to battle for you to reap the compensation you deserve. Our experienced attorneys prepare every case personally and will go above and beyond to ensure that you have top-notch representation right from the start. We are proud to have collectively recovered hundreds of millions in verdicts and settlements for our former clients.

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