Is It Possible to File a Lawsuit on Long Island After a Car Accident Without Injuries?

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Is It Possible to File a Lawsuit on Long Island After a Car Accident Without Injuries?

Auto collisions can be traumatic encounters, and the effects may remain with you for years to come. Though physical injury is a common outcome of car accidents, not every accident will hurt someone physically. But let’s say you’ve been in a motor vehicle crash on Long Island, and you are one of the lucky people who were able to make your way out of the scene without broken bones or bruises. Is it possible to file for compensation?

Is It Possible to File a Lawsuit on Long Island After a Car Accident Without Injuries

Property Damage Claims

Even if you avoid being injured in a car crash, your car might not be so fortunate. In case your vehicle gets damaged in this mishap you will be able to claim for any physical harm through the insurer of the at-error person. This will pay for all necessary repairs and if your car is declared a ‘total’ loss, its fair market value may be covered.

Medical Evaluation

In some circumstances, you may not actually experience injuries right off the bat as a consequence of your accident. Pain is often numbed due to adrenaline and shock. You must go to the doctor if you have been in an accident and check to see if there is anything wrong with your body. If you discover the injuries later on, you might still have the option of bringing a personal injury lawsuit.

No-Fault Insurance

In New York, this is not as big of an issue because we’re a “no-fault” car insurance state — if you’re in an accident, your insurance company usually covers all your bills and other expenses anyway (unless you carry uninsured or underinsured They cover everything from lost wages and medical expenses, even if you were not at fault or hurt. But there are always exceptions, and you need to know what your coverage is; you should also contact an attorney if you feel this applies to you.

Consulting an Attorney

Dealing with the law after an auto collision if you’re not injured personally is a tricky affair. If you’ve had the misfortune of being injured in an accident and need assistance from a qualified personal injury lawyer on Long Island, your first step should always be to seek professional guidance from a qualified legal counsel. Consult with an attorney who can guide you on your legal rights, inform you about the situations in your case, and find out whether there is any valid ground for filing a lawsuit.

Gathering Evidence

Should you choose to go forward with a claim, it’s important that you collect evidence to corroborate said claims. Examples might include pictures from the accident scene, witness reports, and any paperwork regarding physical injuries, evaluations of mental health, or suffering.

Statute of Limitations

There’s a law in New York State that sets the time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit. The statute of limitations is typically three years after the accident, but you should speak with an attorney because the law may differ depending on where the accident occurred.

Although most car collisions do not leave physical harm behind, if you were involved in an accident on Long Island, there is law recourse for you. Whether you’re looking to do property damage, emotional distress, or even an inconspicuous injury, it’s crucial to talk to a pro about what your options are and what you can potentially do legally. Keep in mind — no two cases are alike; please consult with an attorney to determine what would be the best strategy to suit your circumstances.

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