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In many personal injury claims, negligence causes injuries that could be serious and even have long term effects, but that can ultimately be fully recovered from. However, in some cases, the circumstances of an injury are so severe that victims can never fully recover and their quality of life may be permanently affected. In these cases, a catastrophic injury has occurred and any negligence involved needs to be addressed a court of law.

At Gruenberg Kelly Della, our compassionate Long Island catastrophic injury attorneys are all too familiar with injury victims whose lives have been dramatically changed by an accident. Not only do we know how to structure a suit that addresses the extensive needs of these injury victims, but we are prepared to aggressively pursue compensation. We have recovered more than $100 million for past clients and are ready to ensure that the gravity of your injuries is made apparent both in and outside the courtroom.

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Types of Catastrophic Injuries

While there are almost always treatment options available for victims of catastrophic injury, they and their loved ones must adjust to a new reality following their accident. Ongoing medical care is not uncommon for these victims, nor is the sudden reliance on caregivers to maintain a suitable quality of life.

Common types of catastrophic injuries include:

These cases require special attention and stamina that not all catastrophic injury lawyers are capable of. At our firm, we know what it takes to establish negligence in these cases, identify Maximum Medical Improvement, and file a suit that truly speaks the needs of the victims. And, most important of all, we've built our reputation on securing relief for our clients.

How Can Catastrophic Injuries Happen and Who Can Be Held Liable?

Catastrophic injuries can result from car accidents, motorcycle crashes, medical malpractice, surgical never events, and any number of other sources, and anyone can be held liable if their negligence caused the injury. This includes employers, owners and operators of the premise where the injury occurred, drivers and operators of other motor vehicles, doctors and medical professionals, and so on.

What Does a Catastrophic Injury Mean for My Case?

Catastrophic injuries often result in diminished earning potential, significant time out of work, and long-term healthcare costs that can bankrupt individuals and their families. The overall cost to families rises to even greater heights if the injured person served as the family’s primary provider until the point of injury. Even if a single person with no dependents suffers a catastrophic injury, the resulting financial encumbrances become staggeringly large in short order.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, this means you will likely need to sue for a much more substantial amount of money in order to make up for the total, long-term cost of the physical damage done. In order to win the large amount you need, you will have to hire an experienced attorney to take your case.

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