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An essential part of many medical treatments is the proper prescription and administration of medication. Both in and outside of hospitals, these prescriptions need to be properly considered by doctors and carefully given by nurses and pharmacists to ailing patients. When these things don't happen and a patient's medical treatment is compromised, those patients' well-being is put at enormous risk.

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How Medication Errors Occur

Medication errors can happen any number of ways for numerous reasons. In the busy atmosphere of a hospital, nurses and other personnel are not always as vigilant as they should be when administering medication. In hospitals and doctors’ offices, doctors may not be as accurate as they should be when prescribing medications, as well.

Common instances of medication errors include:

  • Wrong prescription due to doctor error (like misdiagnosis)
  • Inappropriate dosage due to doctor error
  • Inappropriate dosage due to administration error by nurse
  • Medication given to the wrong patient in hospital
  • Various types of equipment errors and failures

If you believe that one of these circumstances resulted in harm to yourself or a loved one, then legal action is called for. Our firm is ready to help assess the details of your claim and, if necessary, start taking effective and decisive action against the parties responsible for your medication error injury.

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