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Life has a habit of throwing unexpected occurrences at us that can hinder our quality of life. While most pet owners are responsible people who love and tend to their animal's needs, there are those animals who, for whatever reason, are prone to attack human beings. Such a catastrophic event can have several negative results, but you’ll also have the option to pursue legal action if necessary.

Suffering the traumatic experience of a car accident can be one of life’s most difficult moments. Injury, property damage, and even death can result from particularly dangerous accidents, which occur every day in New York and throughout the entire country. When one of the parties involved in the accident fails to drive safely enough to avoid the collision, they may be culpable for extensive civil damages.

It’s vitally important to know what steps to take after sustaining a spinal cord injury. Gruenberg Kelly Della sees many cases involving serious traumatic injuries, some of which result from accidents where someone is at fault for the occurrence. Since these kinds of injuries can result in severe pain, disabilities, loss of mobility, and even paralysis, it’s imperative to approach the accident scene carefully.

It always helps your chances for restitution whenever you can get an eyewitness testimony to a car accident. At Gruenberg Kelly Della, we handle many cases involving automotive accidents, so we know the value of having cooperative witnesses on your side. In this post, we’ll highlight why that’s true and how someone can qualify as an eyewitness.