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Few medical procedures are as sensitive as welcoming a new life into the world. Maternity doctors and nurses are highly trained in ensuring the health of mothers and newborn babies alike during childbirth, but errors can happen. Without the proper vigilance by medical professionals, the health of the child can suffer due to an avoidable error and subsequent injuries.


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If you believe your child was the victim of a birth injury that should have been avoided, then we invite you to contact our Long Island birth injury lawyers at Gruenberg Kelly Della today. Our team of proven advocates has recovered more than $100 million for injury victims and their loved ones and knows what it takes to secure proper restitution in even the most complex of medical malpractice claims.

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Common Birth Injuries


Because the process of childbirth is so sensitive, there is ample opportunity for complications to arise. When these complications could have been avoided with proper care from doctors, however, it can be possible to hold those doctors responsible for their lack of attention or misjudgment.


The most common kinds of birth injury scenarios include:

  • Misuse of birthing equipment (vacuum extractor, forceps, etc.)
  • Failure to order a cesarean section (“c-section”) when one was needed
  • Failure to detect umbilical cord entanglement
  • Failure to appropriately react to signs of fetal distress


If you believe that one of these scenarios applies to the injury of your newborn child, then the time to speak with proven counsel is now. At Gruenberg Kelly Della, we understand the lasting effects birth injuries can cause and know how to craft a malpractice suit that truly speaks to the needs of the injured child and the wrongdoing that harmed them.


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