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Have you ever wondered how a court assesses damages in a personal injury case? This might be relevant if you have had an accident and are considering suing an employer, property owner, or whomever may have caused it. Gruenberg Kelly Della, Attorneys & Counselors at Law, can help you gain recompense in personal injury cases, and we’d like to show you a broad overview of how to value your case.

While most attorneys were on vacation, GKD settled two cases for a combined $6.275 million! Partner Mike Della reached $1.9 million settlement for motor vehicle accident. In October 2022, a 41-year old active father of two, was operating his vehicle on the Long Island Expressway when he...

Life has a habit of throwing unexpected occurrences at us that can hinder our quality of life. While most pet owners are responsible people who love and tend to their animal's needs, there are those animals who, for whatever reason, are prone to attack human beings. Such a catastrophic event can have several negative results, but you’ll also have the option to pursue legal action if necessary.