Construction Accidents

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Construction relies heavily on scaffolds that offer workers access aloft. Although precautions have been implemented, incidents on scaffolds still pose a formidable threat to workers, culminating in devastating repercussions like bone breaks and demise. It is imperative that employers and employees comprehend the factors causing...

Many construction site injuries are avoidable if companies dedicate more time to proper training. Alas, for various reasons, this doesn’t always happen, which increases the potential for civilly liable incidents. In this post, we’d like to focus on safety training, how it can help businesses comply with OSHA guidelines, and reduce the number of construction accident lawsuits in NYC.

Construction is a dangerous occupation and construction sites can be hazardous locations. If you’ve ever taken a brief look at the precarious situations that the workers put themselves in, or you work in this environment, you know this all too well. Workers and bystanders alike need to be on the lookout for some of the dangerous chemicals and materials that are found at these locations.