Severe Burn Injuries

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Severe Burn Injuries

Severe burn injuries can dramatically affect your quality of life. Unlike the minor burns most of us are used to, severe burns can drastically alter our physical appearance and damage bodily functions. As an organ, our skin regulates body temperature and hydration to keep out disease. When skin is badly damaged from severe burns, victims potentially face disease, severe dehydration, and many other threats. Some burns can be so severe that victims may find they can’t move the affected burn area anymore or may even have trouble breathing.

Have you suffered a painful or severe burn by no fault of your own? At Gruenberg Kelly Della, we have seen first-hand the challenges severe burn victims face. These clients and their loved ones must adjust to significant new burdens in their lives, often without the money and resources they need to deal with them. That is why our Long Island catastrophic injury attorneys are committed to seeking justice for victims and recovering the relief they deserve.

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Damages Associated with Severe Burn Injuries


Oftentimes, when an accident victim makes an injury claim, they seek damages for medical bills and lost wages. For victims suffering from severe burns, other damages may be sought from the party responsible for the accident.


These damages include:


  •  Physical pain & suffering: The physical pain and suffering from severe burns does not usually end quickly. Those injured often go through months or years of painful surgeries and treatments. Pain and suffering are large components of compensation in a burn injury case.
  •  Loss of consortium: This usually refers to the intimacy in a relationship between spouses. Loss of consortium can also include the ability of a parent to enjoy their children. In most states, burn injury victims are entitled to recover losses for spousal and parenting hardships
  •  Mental and emotional suffering: This can be a significant aspect for determining an award in a burn injury case. Mental and emotional anguish can lead to severe trauma and depression.
  •  Loss of property: Often, burn injuries result in property damage. In addition to any modifications made to their property to accommodate rehabilitation, burn victims are entitled to recovery for any property that has been destroyed as result of their injury.


For severe burn victims, it is possible to live a full, comfortable life. However, doing so requires ongoing medical treatment and care to accommodate your needs. Our aggressive legal team has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our injury clients and we are ready to assess your case. Let us help you pursue the money you deserve.


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