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Surgery is perhaps the most invasive and sensitive type of medical treatment available. Surgeons and other medical professionals go through years of rigorous training to safely work in an operating room and only patients who have little to no other recourse are placed in their care. Still, countless patients throughout the country are harmed due to dangerous surgical errors that, under the vigilance of doctors and nurses, should not have occurred.

If you or a loved one has been harmed due to a surgical error, then you may have grounds to pursue compensation. At Gruenberg Kelly Della, our knowledgeable and proven Long Island attorneys are well-acquainted with what it takes to hold the offending professionals and facilities accountable in these cases. Our team has recovered more than $100 million in compensation for our clients and are ready to make your surgical error claim our absolute priority.

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Common Types of Surgical Errors​

It’s frightening to think of all the things that could go wrong during a surgical procedure. Fortunately, doctors and medical professionals are usually well-aware of the risks and take every measure to prevent them from happening. Other times, however, they are the cause of an error that can greatly endanger the well-being of a patient.


Surgical error claims commonly involve:

  • Anesthesia errors (too much administered, or too little)
  • Surgery performed on the wrong body part/wrong side of body
  • Surgery performed on the wrong patient
  • Forgotten surgical equipment left in patient (sponges, instruments, etc.)
  • Incorrect incision site
  • Resulting nerve damage


If you believe that one of these errors or any other significant error occurred during your surgery, our firm is ready to hear from you. Our team regularly works alongside medical experts to substantiate the claims of our patients so that, both in and outside the courtroom, the circumstances that wronged them are compellingly put forth before the law.


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